Doing it all can be done. But a side hustle, startup or a growing business needs you to focus on what makes your side hustle or business thrive.


Let us take care of the rest while you take your side hustle or business to new heights. 


We offer virtual assistance that takes care of research, liaise with service providers and design workflows that integrate with various platforms that run automatically so that you can focus on what’s most important. 

What are the Advantages of a virtual assistant?

We will save you time and money and another big advantage, you do not have to provide office space & equipment.


You don’t have to pay a full time staff member and with a virtual assistant you have the benefit of paying an hourly rate or a monthly retainer.


It’s important to build trust with a virtual assistant and we should be regarded as a team member who works remotely, so the more we know about your business, the better equipped we are to keep things running smoothly.

Jenna & James at Table

Meet Jenna & James

James & Jenna met a few years back while studying, hung out a few times, started dating while becoming young professionals and are now dreaming about starting a side business together. Both thoroughly enjoy their current jobs, but find it difficult to make time to build their website, do research about online platforms they would like to use, set up much needed workflows and answering client emails & phone calls.


the burgeon group can help them by offering

Online research: specific topics, product/services, new markets & online tools
Workflow design & automation: Integrate, automate various online platforms
Virtual Executive Assistance: Your right hand to shaping growth
Virtual Project Management: Managing of personal and business projects

3 easy steps to get your own virtual executive assistant

Step 1:

Book your discovery call to determine exact needs and package

Step 2:

After the discovery call, we will send a customized proposal & contract for your approval

Step 3:

Delegate your first task to your virtual executive assistant

this is what our customers say

I am a proud member of

Virtual Assistant Association of South Africa